‘It’s ok to have differences’

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Prakash Raj explains about their different ideologies and it’s nothing personal. So on set, they work together

Pawan Kalyan

A day after Prakash Raj criticised Pawan Kalyan on his political moves, the latter’s elder brother, Naga Babu, retaliated. The spat soon became the hottest topic in the film industry because Pawan and Prakash Raj shoot together for the film, Vakeel Saab.

We decided to ask Prakash Raj whether the differences between the two actors would show on the sets of the courtroom drama.

“How does it matter?” Prakash Raj returned. “We do not carry everything on the film sets because, on the sets, we are actors, and Pawan knows that too. We have been shooting for the film for some time and both of us have mutual respect for each other.”

The actor also adds that everyone must understand that each of us has our own ideologies. “When we criticise, it should be from the ideologies and policies’ point of view, and it’s okay to have and live with differences,” he explains, going on to describe Pawan as a mature guy who has achieved a lot as a leader and through his own thought processes.

Pointing out how they may differ in ideologies and opinions on various political aspects, Prakash Raj reveals that on the sets, they converse well on books, literature, etc. “So Pawan clearly knows what I said was only my ideology and thought process, and it has nothing to do at a personal level,” clarifies the actor. “We must also remember that we are all citizens of the country and everyone has their own thought process, which is okay as long as there is no animosity and hatred.” So does it mean he doesn’t take Naga Babu’s reply to heart? “Why will I?” he questions back. “I commented for the love of my country and Naga Babu retaliated for the love of his lil brother (Pawan),” says Prakash Raj matter-of-factly.