Boxing makes me feel more powerful, says Raashii Khanna

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actress Raashii Khanna is passionate about her new role

Raashi Khanna kick boxing

Raashii Khanna started off as a self-confident, independent girl, and followed it up with the lover girl act. She gradually transformed into a glam diva, but is now set to take up a tough role.

The Prathi Roju Pandage actress has been picking up kick-boxing for her film, Sunny, opposite Shahid Kapoor.

Does she play a boxer, we ask her? “I can’t reveal my role, but picking up kick-boxing is part of my prep. Although the filmmakers like me the way I am, I just wanted to look fitter, hence I started boxing,” she shares.

But why kick-boxing? “That’s because it is one of the most effective ways of strength training; also I am taking High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT), to ensure that I look my best. I have been working out for an hour daily. A nutritious diet of a good blend of fat and carbs is complementing the process,” reveals the Venky Mama actress.

So what does it feel like to kick-box?  “It brings out the rebellious side in me,” she laughs, adding, “It makes me feel more powerful, and gives me the confidence to face any challenge. As actors we can’t express our frustration freely since we are always on the sets. So I get time to vent in the gym. And now, boxing is also helping the cause.”

Saying she’s always excited over learning different workout regimens, Raashii adds that physical and mental abilities are co-related. “As much as you transform physically for the character, it is equally important to be mentally strong because mental fatigue can drain you as well,” she points out.

And given her body type, Raashii wants to do a sports drama. “It’s not a bad idea. It’ll be wonderful if I can get an intense script in this genre,” she signs off.