Allu Arjun’s ICON story leaked!

Deccan Chronicle.  | suresh kavirayani

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The story of Allu Arjun’s next film ICON has been leaked, and it turns out that the film is not a remake of the Filipino film, Kita Kita.

Allu Arjun

After wrapping up his shoot for Trivikram Sreenivas’ film, actor Allu Arjun is going to be working with director Venu Sriram for his upcoming film ICON, whose tagline happens to be Kanapadutaledu (missing).

The film’s logo was released on the occasion of Allu Arjun’s birthday a few days ago, and it has been reported that Dil Raju will be bankrolling the movie.  While many have reported that the film ends on a depressing note, some claim that the movie is a remake of the Filipino film, Kita Kita. However, we have learnt from a source that such reports are inaccurate.

“The film’s poster depicts Allu Arjun riding a bike, and for good reason. The story revolves around the bike. Basically, Allu Arjun ends up losing his bike and reports it in a police station, but they ask him to file the complaint at another police station. The officers at the next police station, too, throw excuses at him and ask him to report to another one. An exasperated Allu Arjun decides to teach a lesson to the cops, and begins to play mind games with them,” said the source.

The film has been titled aptly after Allu’s bike, ICON. “The actor seems enthralled by the subject. Venu Sriram is currently working on improving the second half of the script,” added the source.