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I chase collective excellence: Viswant

DECCAN CHRONICLE | Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: March 23, 2023 | Updated on: March 23, 2023

Viswant Duddumpudi

Viswant Duddumpudi resolved long ago to make a name for himself by doing films that stay true to logic and reason. A step in that direction is his next film Katha Venuka Katha. The actor describes the Krishna Chaitanya directorial as a suspense thriller that adheres to the school of realism. "An aspiring filmmaker gets trapped in a criminal conspiracy, resulting in his budding film career facing headwinds. What follows is a cat-and-mouse game," shares Viswant.

Elaborating on his role in the movie, the actor says, "I play a debutant film director who gets his first chance. I kept my mind free of preconceived notions as I walked into the set. I strongly believe that the right costumes and look go a long way in making a character believable."  

In the last seven years, Viswant has done nine films. "The two years of coronavirus-induced inertia meant that, effectively, I have been here for just five years," he says. "I feel most of my films have been recognized by the target audience. I want my films to do the talking and chase collective excellence as an actor," the young actor adds.

As an independent-minded artiste, Viswant has been challenged by circumstances. "In some cases, I was burdened with a great degree of responsibility, but I feel it has all been worth it, particularly when my movies do well on OTT. Boyfriend For Hire is an example," he shares.

Does Viswant feel an actor’s life has become more complex these days, with the constant pressure to rebrand oneself? While admitting that it is not easy, Viswant notes that one’s approach towards a lot of things in life changes as one reinvents oneself. "Introspection is the key. Whatever you are in real life, the characters we portray on screen are generally righteous and/or emotionally strong. Playing such characters has a bearing on your thinking off screen as well," Viswant says, adding that the work is very satisfying.