‘Shooting experience isn’t the same’

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Megha Akash says that Dear Megha has interesting twists

Megha Akash

So far, we have seen Megha Akash in a romantic comedy and action films. But the actress says that her upcoming film, Dear Megha, will flaunt her emotional side.

“For the first time I will be seen in a completely romantic film; it’s packed with emotions and drama,” says the actress about the Sushant Reddy directorial. She reveals that the film, which also stars Arjun Somayajula and Adit Arun, has interesting twists.

Megha was one of the first actresses to begin shooting post the two lockdowns. “I shot for an ad after the first lockdown was relaxed, and for a Tamil and Telugu film after the second lockdown,” she explains, adding that on both the occasions she was a touch nervous. “But right throughout the shootings, we have been following all the Covid-19 protocols,” she says, adding that shooting in the new normal is a bit challenging.

“The shooting experience definitely isn’t the same as what it was since I began shooting after last year’s lockdown,” she shares. “Traveling to various locations during the pandemic and getting accustomed to the new normal of shooting certainly took time.” Megha found staying home for a long time challenging too.

"That was one of the reasons why I attempted to shoot as soon as the lockdown restrictions were relaxed,” she reveals. “Also, I have learnt few lessons — like being calm and composed, since nothing is in our control,” says the actress.