‘Sporting half saris was fun’, says Aditi Arya

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Working on projects in the South has enabled me to become a better actor.

Aditi Arya

After playing the daughter of a gangster in Ism, Aditi Arya will be seen as an IT girl in her forthcoming film, Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule, directed by Nizar Shafi.

Talking about her role, Aditi shares, “I play a software engineer. I’ll be battling a few personal difficulties with determination in the film, where I come across as an independent woman. The character is a complete contrast to what I have done in Ism. Working on projects in the South has enabled me to become a better actor.”

The actress adds, “The character sports a mix of both Western and traditional clothes. In fact, I have worn half saris for the first time in my life for this film, and it was fun. The role is a mix of glamour and substance.”

Interestingly, the former beauty pageant winner is also doing a web series in Hindi, Spotlight 2. “Dabbling with films and a web series is a great learning experience and I am trying to decode how every platform works differently. Having done four projects, if I look back now, I feel I have grown as an actor and I’m becoming better. Thanks to the opportunities down South,” says Aditi.

Mentioning that Hyderabad has become her second home owing to frequent visits, the actress shares, “I explored the city enough whenever I was here for shootings. But even before making my debut, I enrolled for the Young Leadership Programme (YLP) at ISB in 2013, but had to reschedule it because of showbiz commitments.”