Major fallout over MAA elections?

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Rumour is Mohan Babu is very annoyed that Chiranjeevi refused to support his son Vishnu Manchu’s candidature for MAA president post

Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu

Tollywood has always been a divided camp. The mega stars take a stand and the lesser known ones blindly support them. But this time, it’s Mohan Babu Vs Chiranjeevi. And the the former is no pushover. At a recent party, hosted to celebrate T Subbirami Reddy’s birthday, both actors who are close friends of the host, came but chose to enter and exit at different times. The cold vibes were there for everyone to see.

Reason for the fight: Mohan Babu apparently called up Chiranjeevi and requested him to vote for his son Vishnu Manchu as MAA president. Chiranjeevi allegedly said, “Sorry, I have already given my word to Prakash Raj.” Apparently he even suggested to Mohan Babu that Vishnu should withdraw from the race and instead contest next time and let Prakash Raj win this year.”

Mohan Babu was furious. He also felt let down by Chiranjeevi who he thought all along was his good friend — and he chose to support Prakash Raj instead of Vishnu.

A source tells us, Mohan Babu told off Chiranjeevi, said he doesn’t need him as a friend anymore and even deleted his contact number from his phone. Chiranjeevi, being the more polished of the two, is equally annoyed but is restraining himself from public outbursts. The MAA fight is definitely interestingly poised.