No love story is the same: Director Sushanth Reddy

Director Sushanth Reddy talks about his upcoming film, Dear Megha

Update: 2021-08-19 16:45 GMT
A still from the film Dear Megha

Filmmaker Sushanth Reddy is all excited about his forthcoming release, Dear Megha. Starring Megha Akash and Arun Adith, the film is a coming-of-age love story.

“It’s a story narrated from a girl’s perspective; so far, we’ve seen several love stories told from the boy’s perspective, but we hope Dear Megha surprises the audience with its new narrative style,” explains the director.

However, the most challenging part of the film, which is set to release on 3 September, as regards Sushant, was to make a clean entertainer. “But I am glad about the response the trailer and the soulful music has got, so we are hoping that the audience would flock theatres,” says the director.

The Arjun Dasyan production venture chronicles important stories of a woman, beginning from her teens to the time she enters womanhood. “It’s a fictional and a clean love story although no love story is the same,” points out the director.

“If you’re a sucker for love stories, you have several memories to take back home.” The director who debuted with the 2014-film Superstar Kidnap says failures have taught him a lot over the years. “I have  also evolved as a filmmaker in the last seven years; failures opened me up to several things,” adds the director.

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