Kajal to play RAW agent in Nagarjuna's film

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Kajal Aggarwal will be seen as a RAW agent in Nagarjuna Akkineni's upcoming film, directed by Praveen Sattaru

Kajal Aggarwal

A couple of days back Kajal Aggarwal revealed that she’d be part of Nagarjuna’s forthcoming film under director Praveen Sattaru. She was naturally elated as it is the first time she’d be teaming up with Nag.

When digging deep, we found from Praveen that Kajal has more reasons to be thrilled. She is set to play a RAW agent in the film.

The director states, “It’s an intense and action-packed role and for the first time, she will play a badass girl. From styling to body postures to body languages, she will undergo a major transformation in her look.”

One of the primary reasons for Praveen to choose Kajal for the role, according to the director, was that she’s never been seen in such a role.

“Kajal’s role would be to assist Nag in his mission. As Nag plays an ex-RAW agent, I wanted to cast an actress who complements his screen presence. I zeroed in on Kajal because she’s tall and has the statue of a woman who can carry weapons. Also, she’s never been seen as an RAW agent before. I think she will look all the more convincing for her part,” justifies Praveen, adding that the actress will join the film sets later this month.

In addition to the physical makeovers for her role as a RAW agent, Kajal will undergo extensive training in combat weapons.

“To make her role look authentic, Kajal will be trained on a wide range of aspects such as rifle shooting, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combat weapons handling and self-defence techniques,” says, Praveen adding that in the film, she’ll be seen as a tough girl who’s also an expert in all the above mentioned aspects.

Apparently, when the director narrated the story to the Sita star, she was thrilled about her character and with the script.