A take on the modern family

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Director Viswanath’s next film, Tholu Bommalata, is a modern take on relationships

Viswanath Maganti

While talking about the film, Vishwanath Maganti points to how relations among the people in society are now drifting apart. “People are developing animosity due to small differences. Tholu Bommalata showcases some of the differences while highlighting how to overcome such disparities and move on happily in life,” he adds.

Viswanath, who earlier worked as assistant writer for films like Kerintha and MCA, also states that films where the entire family can watch together have been on the decline. “When I started writing the script, I wanted to ensure my film is a clean entertainer,” he says about the November 22 release, adding that he thoroughly enjoyed the filmmaking experience. “I cherish the experience of working with various departments in the process and it was a learning experience,”he signs off.