Sidhu’s big break: A bold, realistic crime comedy

Deccan Chronicle.  | suresh kavirayani

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The actor talks about his steamy song sequence with the actress in Guntur Talkies.

Rashmi Gautham and Sidhu were advised to spend time together for a better chemistry.

Despite mixed reviews, the recently released Guntur Talkies is minting money at the box-office.  The lead pair, Sidhu and Rashmi Gautham, has become a talking point on social media thanks to an intimate song in the film.

“First of all, the film is not an adult comedy, but there are a few dialogues and intimate scenes. This is a bold and realistic crime comedy,” says Sidhu. This is his third film as a lead actor after making his debut with LBW in 2010 and then the Tamil film Valinam.

“I met director Praveen with a story idea and we decided to develop it further. Apart from acting, I got credit for the story, dialogues and also sang a song,” he says.

Talking about the steamy song sequence, Sidhu says, “When it comes to actresses, I feel a bit shy. Director Praveen had seen this in me and he had told me that he was planning to cancel this particular song because my chemistry with Rashmi was not good,” reveals Sidhu. There’s also a kissing scene in the song.

“But I felt this song was very important for the film and for me. So I told my mother about the whole scene and she advised me that as an actor I had to do what the director wanted. She also told me that if I felt shy in songs, other directors might not approach me if they get to know. So I again approached Praveen and he advised Rashmi and I to spend some time together.”

He adds that the song was shot after they had completed the film’s shooting. “Rashmi and I spent 15 days to became close friends, it was not dating. We went to movies and other places to get closer. After this, we were both in a comfort zone and the chemistry worked for the song,” he adds.

Meanwhile, a section of the media reported that Sidhu and Rashmi had left in the middle of shooting to go on a date. “It was all just for the song and on the director’s advise. We never took it seriously as it was all part of acting,” says the actor, adding that his mother had seen the movie and liked it.

“When we roped in Rashmi, we didn’t know her popularity. But once we released the first look, we got to know. That’s why the director may have said that Rashmi can carry the film on her shoulders. I never thought that she had so much following,” says Sidhu.