Playing a boxer in Ghani was challenging: Naveen Chandra

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actor Naveen Chandra says that he is thrilled by Ghani experience

Naveen Chandra

In this upcoming film Ghani, starring Varun Tej, Naveen Chandra will be seen as a seasoned boxer. He has almost wrapped up shooting for his part, and says working for the Kiran Korrapati directorial  has been a great experience.  
Describing it as both physically and mentally challenging, the actor shares that he had to undergo training in boxing.

“I wanted to make my role look authentic and convincing. So I trained under National-level boxers and coach Srikanth for more than three months. I worked on my body language, fitness, posture, the timing of the punches, guard, kicks, etc., ” elaborates Naveen, adding that he also worked on his fitness for a boxer-like physique. Varun Tej, who also plays a boxer, trained hard for his role too, he says.

“The best part is that we shared great chemistry; people who watched us boxing in the ring commented that we look like real boxers,” Naveen smiles, revealing that both of them were also trained by Russian boxer. “My diet was a bit different too; I was binging on proteins and veggies. I cut down carbs,” he shares.

Naveen comments that one of the most challenging aspects of the project was that they had to shoot continuously for over an hour in the ring, wearing all the boxing equipment and gear, for a week, which was very draining. “But Varun was so cooperative and he kept on encouraging and inspiring me, so we could wrap up the shooting; he looks his best as a boxer,” he adds.  

Although Naveen is playing a boxer for the first time, interestingly, he comes from a boxing family. His uncle was a professional boxer. In fact, the actor too once wanted to become a boxer. “But my mother insisted I prioritise studies. I am glad that I became a reel boxer,” he quips. He also shares that at times he was a bit nervous while shooting, since the pandemic is far from over. “But that’s how it is. As actors we don’t have a choice,” he says, signing off.