Walking out of Pawan’s party

Deccan Chronicle.  | suresh kavirayani

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Raju Ravi Teja, a good friend of the actor-turned-politician, Pawan Kalyan, has left the Jana Sena Party.

Pawan Kalyan

Actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan has dealt with a big blow after his close friend Raju Ravi Teja left his, Jana Sena Party. Raju is known to be one of the actor’s main pillars, who’d supported Pawan in starting the Jana Sena outfit. He is also Pawan’s very close friend, having also written a book on Pawan Kalyan.

But now it seems the tides have turned because, all of a sudden, Raju has decided to leave the Party. “I don’t wish to work with Pawan and Jana Sena anymore,” Raju Ravi Teja said in a video.

The reason behind his distance from Pawan, we believe, has to do with the fact that the actor has not been standing by his word. “The differences between the two began arising a few months ago because Pawan has not been heeding to Raju’s advices on some political matters. So now, Raju decided that it was time to move on put in his papers,” says a source, adding, “One day, the actor criticises the BJP and the next day he says he likes BJP and Amit Shah. He seems to have forgotten the fights (for the special status) he’d taken up in the beginning of his political career. These and similar issues have caused the rift between the two, which made Raju Ravi Teja walk out.”