I love being quirky: Raashii Khanna

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actress Raashii Khanna states that the audience relish seeing her more in comic roles

Actress Raashii Khanna

After the super success of the 2019-film Prati Roju Pandage, director Maruthi had apparently told the actress that he’d be pen another interesting role for her. Sticking to his word, Maruthi has cast the actress in his forthcoming film, Pakka Commercial.

And going by the poster of the film, she will play the role of a lawyer. While the actress is tight-lipped about her role, she is adds that it is one of the funniest roles written for her hitherto.

“My comic acts in Prati Roju Pandage, as Angel Arna, a Tik-Tok obsessed girl, got wide appreciation. So also, I am very glad that Maruthi Sir has given me one more opportunity to play a quirky role he has penned for me in his upcoming film,” shares Raashii, who says she realised the audiences would love to see her in comic roles.

“When I first heard the script of Pakka Commercial, I continued to laugh throughout the narration. I was so excited to be part of the film because the director had said that he’d written the role keeping me in mind, and I love being quirky,” she adds.

A spin of her own

Raashii tells us that she was surprised with her own performance in the film, adding that she added her own touch to her role. “My role triggers a lot of laughter. Although I followed the director’s instructions I brought in my own mannerisms and gestures for the character to make it look livelier . In fact, I have been laughing all the time on the sets, just as you’d see me in this behind-the-scenes photo,” Raashii states.

Despite the bouts of laughter through the narration and behind the scenes, on the sets, the actress is reserved and does not talk much.

“So too, sometimes I am surprised by my own performance when the shot is ready and I suddenly jump into character, and I’ve often wondered how I pulled it off. But I have realised that I am able to switch on and switch off,” she states, unmindful of how that may be a reflection of how she has evolved as an actor.

Getting her comic timing

As for her role in her upcoming venture with Maruthi, the Thank You star exudes confidence that her character will touch people’s hearts. “I am sure the audiences will embrace my character in Pakka Commercial,” she states.