Ravi Teja plays a quirky Sub-Collector

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actor Ravi Teja's forthcoming film, Rama Rao on Duty, is inspired by real-life incidents

Ravi Teja

It’s been quite some time since Tollywood has had a film with an eccentric government officer as the protagonist. Ravi Teja’s upcoming film titled Rama Rao On Duty will showcase the actor in just such a role. He plays a district Sub-Collector.

The film’s director Sarath Mandava shares that the action drama is set in 1995. “The role Ravi Teja plays is not that of a traditional or conventional Sub-Collector, it’s slightly different. He is raw and spontaneous in his approach,” says the director, adding that the actor’s costumes, actions and gestures are eccentric.

“As a revenue officer, his attitude of doing whatever he likes and working on his own terms and conditions in the department gives an edgy feel to the character,” shares Sarath, adding that the role also has some grey shades.

“To the casual onlooker, Ravi Teja may seem to be a Sub-Collector doing his duty, but there’s more to him than meets the eye,” Sarath elaborates, adding that the film was inspired by some incidents that took place during his childhood in Andhra Pradesh.