Ananya Nagalla on a new high

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Actress Ananya Nagalla is glad that filmmakers are penning scripts for her

Ananya Nagalla

Post the success of Vakeel Saab, Ananya Nagalla, who played one of the leading ladies in the film, seems to be riding a new high. While she is glad that her performance in the film is being appreciated, she feels more ecstatic about her breakthrough.

“The film removed all barriers for me, if any, and proved that I can make an impact even when being part of commercial cinema,” she explains, adding that she’s looking forward to work on commercial films. And it’s clear, too, that Vakeel Saab’s success could not have come at a better time for her.

“Earlier, filmmakers approached me for roles, but now they are penning roles for me, and that’s a very heartening transformation. I have been listening to several scripts, and the best part of these scripts is that they’re performance-oriented,” says Ananya.

But the new found success, the actress says, comes with more responsibility.
“I am aware that it is very important to stay grounded and not let the success go to my head. So also, the success has only made me work harder and become wiser,” Ananya adds.

“Of course, I am in no hurry here. I plan to take it one step at a time. I am on the verge of signing two films, and I will commence shooting once the situation gets better,” she shares.