Acting is my first love: Twarita Nagar

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The actress signs a Telugu film directed by AnjiRam

Twarita Nagar (Photo By Arrangement)

Theatre performer and digital influencer Twarita Nagar will soon make her Tollywood debut. She will be seen in a film directed by AnjiRam.

Twarita, who was born and raised in Delhi, says that she recently flew down to Hyderabad for a look test. “The film’s producer Dandamudi Avanindra Kumar believed that I would make  a perfect female lead and we signed the project,” says the actress, who is paired with Karthik Raju in the film.

As an influencer, Twarita was famous on social media. Her fascination for dramatics during school and college days made her take the plunge into theatre and social media. “My theatre background helped me to make videos quite easily because theatre is the root for any form of acting. Moreover, I don’t make videos to please people, but only speak from my heart, so my videos are honest,” she explains. Twarita says she’s always been fascinated with films from the south and had watched a lot of dubbed films.