Payal Ghosh does her bit

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actress Payal Ghosh has been facilitating Covid-19 related information with a team of volunteers, Robinhood Army

Payal Ghosh

While many celebs have opted to stay indoors and cool their heels during this pandemic, Payal Ghosh seems to be approaching things differently. When the second wave of COVID-19 infections started in Maharashtra and Delhi, the actress quickly began offering help.

Over the last month, Payal and a team of volunteers, Robinhood Army, have been actively coordinating and sharing information about the availability of hospital beds, cylinders and medical equipment.

Payal Ghosh with volunteers in Mumbai

“People are losing their lives and we have been witnessing devastating scenes. I feel it’s my responsibility to do my bit during the current crises,” explain Payal.While Payal is in Mumbai, the volunteers are spread out through major cities and they have  been confirming with hospitals the information they get online.

“These volunteers will verify the information passed, check for authenticity by calling the patients, and eventually coordinate with hospitals,” explains Payal. The service was launched in Delhi, and is now available in Mumbai too.

“The selfless service of these volunteers needs to be appreciated,” she adds.  Payal also distributes essential commodities for the needy. “Since people are confined indoors, getting provisions has been difficult. I thought this small gesture would help people meet their minimum needs,” she says.

Describing it as ‘social responsibility', Payal has appealed to people to do their bit in these unprecedented times. “This is the need of the hour and I urge people to take this situation as their personal responsibility and chip in,” she says, adding that the satisfaction she gets by doing such work is ‘great’.

“Nothing gives you more happiness than when you learn that a small act of yours went a long way in rescuing someone,” she shares. Meanwhile, the actress has urged everyone to follow all health protocols.