Happy to be called a ‘Southern Siren': Avika Gor

Deccan Chronicle.  | Lipika Varma

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Actress Avika Gor opens up about her Tollywood films, her weight loss journey and her relationship status

Avika Gor

Avika Gor has made a mark in the Telugu film industry. She’s been signed up for four Telugu  films and was busy shooting for them in Hyderabad, until the second Covid wave postponed many film shoots. “I was doing multiple shoots at the same time. I’m actually shooting for four films from the past six months. Just recently we have postponed our shootings,” she said.

The talking point now is the actress’ weight loss! Referring to her ‘before and after’ pictures of weight loss, Avika insists that she didn’t follow any drastic diet plan. “I did not follow any unhealthy way of losing weight, have been eating healthy,” she states, and points out that in the photos of herself after shedding the extra kilos, she doesn’t look weak.

Avika clarifies that she did not undergo any cosmetic procedures either.  However, in the south film industry, kilos aren’t an issue. In fact they prefer actresses’ who are on the heavier side. “Even now, the director of a movie I shot before lockdown told me ‘please put on weight’. I told him, ‘now that I have lost weight, don’t tell me that’,” laughs Avika.

In love with Milind Chandwani

Talking of her relationship status, the actress says, “I’m not single, neither am I married. I have announced my relationship with Milind Chandwani. We are definitely in love. We wish to have a future together. But when it will happen, we need to see. Wait and watch would be the mantra. No date has been set for tying the knot.”

Avika Gor and Milind Chandwani

Avika says, “I grew up seeing my parents being the most romantic couple on earth. I saw them going on holidays together. Even now they suddenly take vacations together. That kind of relationship is what I always wanted. I believe you need to have someone as your support system who encourages and motivates you.”

She credits her weight loss journey to Milind. “If Milind hadn’t been there in my life, it would not have happened this easy. I fought with him because he made me religiously follow workouts. I have given him a very hard time. He pushed it, he wanted me to do it because he saw me unhappy. I used to get irritated, but he did not give up... You always need someone who doesn’t give up on you,” she says.

So who is Milind Chandwani? He is a social worker, says the actress. “I have already done some quality work for his NGO. This we did before I fell in love with him, but it will continue,” she adds. Listing his plus points, Avika says Milind is someone who can handle her ‘volcanic behaviour.’

“He takes care of my crazy side which not many people can see. I think we need that one person who can balance things for you,” she shares, and adds with a laugh that he has no insecurities, though she wishes he’d display at least one!