I have always been a risk taker: Adivi Sesh

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Hit-2 team is disappointed, but accepting of YouTube decision (Photo by arrangement)

HYDERABAD: The recently-released teaser of Adivi Sesh’s dark action-thriller HIT 2: The Second Case, has been getting rave reviews. It was trending at No:1 on YouTube for four days after release. However, the platform has removed it from the trending list due to excessively violent content.

A gruesome death scene towards the end of the teaser has prompted YouTube to put it under the age-restricted category.

While voicing the disappointment of the team, Sesh says they respect the platform’s policies.

“You need to sign in and prove that you are over 18 to watch the film’s teaser,” explains Sesh.  “Of course, we are disappointed but we understand why. I myself put a ‘not for children’ disclaimer clearly when I tweeted the film’s teaser.”
In fact, Sesh says he had a feeling that YouTube would take such a stand. But he promises that the film is apt for a theatrical release. He describes HIT2 as a deadly thriller that will engross and entertain the audience simultaneously.

He says he’s always been a risk taker. “For example, we screened my last film Major to packed cinema halls two weeks before the release, though it’s easier than ever now to record a film on a good smartphone. That’s how I have been,” he shares.