BRO is about sibling bonding

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Naveen Chandra and Avika Gor starred BRO is about sibling bonding

Naveen Chandra and Avika Gor from the film BRO

Naveen Chandra and Avika Gor have been cast as brother and sister in BRO. Directed by Karthik Thupurani, the film has a fantasy element too. “They suit as siblings more than as a romantic pair, hence I have cast them that way,” explains the director. 

“Neither of them has been part of films that have as unique characterisations as my film does. I felt this film would be on a different level compared to the conventional movies on sibling bonding, where the brother always saves the sister,” he shares, adding that in BRO, it is the sister who saver the brother.

“The film, backed by J.J.R.  Ravichand, chronicles how they complement each other and are there for each other during tough times,” says the director.  
The major part of the film was shot in Araku.

“The film is based on sibling bonding. I felt that if it was set in an isolated valley, it would add a fresh layer to the story. So we shot in Araku,” explains Karthik, adding that the sibling have a love story each as subplots. “That’s where the drama unfolds,” says the director who studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy.