Nandini Reddy rejuvenates

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Director Nandini Reddy has moved to the city outskirts and is enjoying her stay there

Nandini Reddy at her kitchen garden

Over the last six months, Nandini Reddy has been staying in Shamshabad, away from the city bustle. The filmmaker said she’s busy growing a kitchen garden and is loving being in an open green space.

“Earlier I used to stay at Madhapur, but I have moved to Shamshabad on the Srisailam highway stretch, six months back. And I am going to stay here for the next five years,” reveals Nandini.

The filmmaker said during the pandemic last year she suffered a lot as she did not have any opportunity to go out. “It was so suffocating staying in the concrete jungle, and I literally had no place to go out,” she laments, adding that living around lush green plants in Shamshabad is rejuvenating.

“Waking up to the sounds of chirping birds, looking at the greenery and breathing the fresh air is so refreshing. There’s no better way to beat the pandemic stress,” says the filmmaker, adding that she has been growing a kitchen garden.
“I have a small place on the premises and I am using it as a kitchen garden. I have been growing ridge gourd, okra, and banana etc, and savouring them,” she reveals, stating that she is a nature lover.

“My childhood was filled with beautiful greenery in Maredpally where I was born and raised. We had street parks and every house had space for kitchen garden back then,” she recalls getting nostalgic.