Malvika Scores High in LLM Entrance Exam

In the midst of shooting for a film

Update: 2023-09-08 18:30 GMT
Actress Malvika Sharma. (Image:DC)

Actress Malvika Sharma has cleared the entrance exam for the Master of Laws (LLM) course, scoring 90 per cent — she prepared for the online test while shooting for her film, making a change from actresses who took a break from work in connection with their studies.

“I studied on the sets and in the caravan during breaks. I did some prepping at the hotel where I was put up,” Malvika reveals.

The actress, who had been shooting in Vizag for her film starring Gopichand, got a three-day scheduled break and was to have travelled home to Mumbai to prepare for the online entrance exam on August 31. “I thought I would be able to prepare well at home. But I was down with a fever and couldn’t travel. Hence, I arranged for a laptop at my hotel and took the test,” she shared, adding that she had taken permission to study on the sets.

Was it challenging to do so, we ask. “Yes it was tough, managing my shoot as well as my studies, because I am equally passionate about both,” she smiles. “I was unwell too, but I didn’t want to let go of the little time available. So I studied whenever I got time. It was a different kind of experience. My film unit members were very supportive and gave me the space and time to prepare,” she adds.

When Malvika came to know she scored 90 per cent in the exam, she was ecstatic. “It’s a great feeling, I am so happy and proud that I pulled it off. I was hoping for this outcome. I attempted the entrance exam last year too, but got only 80 per cent,” she says. (She needed a 90 per cent score to specialise in her chosen field of Criminology.) This score will help me get into a premier college / university in Mumbai. Also, to become a district magistrate I need to have an LLM degree, so I can plan for that now,” she says.


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