My upbringing taught me to stay rooted, says Krithi Shetty

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Krithi Shetty signed seven films in last two years. (DC image)

Post the magnificent success of Uppena, Krithi Shetty seems to be going places. In the last two years she had signed around seven films including her upcoming film, Macherla Niyojakavargam, starring Nithiin.

Ask Krithi about her signing spree, she smiles, “It’s no conscious effort; I have been taking up projects that are coming my way. I like to be constantly occupied and that drives me to take up more films.”

Macherla Niyojakavargam is a political thriller directed by MS Rajashekhar Reddy. The actress says she plays a beautiful, innocent girl. “When I heard the narration I felt like the role is very natural to me and that I can showcase my other side,” adding that the heart of her character is beautiful inside.

“She has a beautiful personality and the princess kind of outlook makes her feel authentic and genuine,” she adds.

According to Krithi, her eyes speak a lot more than her dialogues in the film. “Hence, expressions have become the key to my character graph; every tiny emotion expression has been captured. This is something new to me, but the director was kind enough to give me the freedom to give my own spin to the part,” she says.

Nithiin, her co-star in the film, has recently completed 20 years in the industry. The actress says that she even asked him to bless her so that she would stay for two decades.

“Nithiin has a very genuine smile,” she comments, adding that she enjoyed watching his performance on sets. Krithi is relatively new to the industry. The actress feels ‘fortunate’ and wants to thank filmmakers for placing confidence in her to pull off roles.


“I have been enjoying myself so much that I forgot to take care of myself. I have been shooting constantly without breaks, perhaps something I need to sit and notice,” she comments.

How is she handling fame? “I always believe never to take success to your head and failure to heart. My normal upbringing taught me to stay rooted, and this was something I started practising long back,” she describes.

The actress has seen super success with her debut film, Uppena – something that very few actresses would get.

How has life changed after that? Stating that she is still the same Krithi at heart, the actress points out that professionally, the perspective has changed a lot. “Firstly I am getting used to all the industry dynamics — chaotic schedules, unplanned shooting, etc.,” she laughs. She also realised that films are a collaborative art and team effort. The actress understood how difficult it is to be an actor, director or to make a career in the industry. Hence, her respect for filmmaking has gone up.


But Krithi never wanted to be an actor; she wanted to pursue becoming a doctor or a fashion designer. “But destiny has other plans,” she smiles. Mumbai born and raised, Krithi was a shy person; she picked up modelling to shed her inhibitions. She started doing ad commercials. “Later I attended acting workshops. I had realised that I am growing as a person and growing in confidence. I decided to be better at what I do and that’s when I started getting into acting,” she said.