Sai Pallavi’s gesture!

Deccan Chronicle.  | suresh kavirayani

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The actress was very magnanimous, refusing to take the remainder of her remuneration after the film bombed.

Sai Pallavi

Sai Pallavi has become popular with her debut film Fidaa and she has a huge fan following in Telugu. The actress’s recent film Padi Padi Leche Manasu opposite Sharwanand bombed at the box-office. The producer Sudhakar incurred huge losses but the actress made a magnanimous gesture. “The producer paid more than half of the remuneration to Sai Pallavi and after the release of the film he was going to pay the remaining Rs 40 lakhs to her. And though the film was a flop, the producer decided to pay the money,” says a source.

However, Sai Pallavi said that since the film had failed, the producer should keep the money. “The producer even called her parents and told them to take the remaining remuneration of their daughter. But they told him that it was Sai Pallavi’s wish not to and they respected her decision.”

Sai Pallavi seems different because many actors and actresses promptly take their money from the filmmakers irrespective of the film’s fate.