Vedhika stresses on importance of precautions

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actress Vedhika spreads awareness and information about medical facilities


Apart from going through her work routine, one of Vedhika Kumar’s daily activities these days includes sharing information about oxygen concentrators and hospital beds. The actress has joined a group of friends to reach out to people who need medical attention.

“No one would have expected the second wave of the pandemic to be this bad; it’s a nightmare,” she says, describing the current situation in Mumbai.
Commenting that people had taken things for granted after the lockdown was lifted last year, she said, “I found people partying and attending lavish weddings without any masks. When I was shooting for one of my films in March, I saw hardly anyone wearing a mask. It was very scary,” she says.

Warning that being vaccinated doesn’t mean people can move around without masks, she stressed that precautions have to be taken. “We are doing our best to stay positive and hoping that the current crises will end soon,” she says. For Vedhika, her biggest stress buster is her pet dog Oscaar.

“We got Oscaar in February and since then the atmosphere in the house has been different, she says. “It literally feels like there’s a naughty baby in the house,” she smiles.

Vedhika with her per Oscaar

Talking of work, Vedhika says ‘experimenting with roles’ is one of the significant factors in her success. “I was never worried about being typecast even when I did back-to-back films of the same genre. I was looking at how my role would bring a different dimension to the script and give the audience a surprise,” she says, pointing out that she was also choosy about scripts.

“Being an outsider, it is tough to cement your place in the industry,” says the actress, who has spent 15 years in cinema. “But I am blessed to be able to do films at my own pace. I was never in a hurry to sign films; in fact, I always wanted to do meaningful roles and that’s how I want people to remember me,” she says, signing off.