Ram Karthik’s Telisinavaallu is a thriller

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Ram Karthik’s forthcoming film Telisinavaallu, directed by Viplove, is a thriller

Ram Karthik
Father Chitti Uma Karthik


After being part of an urban-centric film Father Chitti Uma Karthik, actor Ram Karthik’s next film will be a thriller. Titled Telisinavaallu, the film, which is directed by Viplove, will co-star Hebah Patel.

“It’s a thriller with several twists,” says the actor, adding that he is done with the shooting part. “In the story, I fall in love with a girl and get entangled in her family problems. Later as my character investigates further, he discovers several alarming facts after which the plot unfolds.”

Karthik says that he loves to dabble with genres, and that as such, he has been picking films that have a realistic value. “In fact, recently there was an incident about mass suicides, which came to light, although it is just an element in the film. I feel such scripts have greater recall value,” says the Where Is Venkatalakshmi actor, adding that he is also shooting for another film.