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'Working in multiple industries is a blessing', says Srijita Ghosh

DECCAN CHRONICLE | Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: February 5, 2023 | Updated on: February 5, 2023

"My parents too were apprehensive when I said that I want to make a career in films." Srijita Ghosh. (Photo: DC)

Srijita Ghosh who started her career in Tollywood with Idhe Maa Katha in which she played a biker, has signed a new project. In her upcoming film Katha Venuka Katha, Srijita plays a bubbly, girl-next-door.

"At the same time she is also stubborn and determined to marry her beau (played by Vishwanth), an aspiring filmmaker. She supports him in his career and tries to convince her parents for their marriage," she says. Although the language (Telugu) is new to her, the actress says the team helped her cope.

She describes the movie as a suspense thriller. "The writing will be sharp and edge-of-the-seat, and that’s the key for thriller films. It’s been a great experience working with seasoned actors like Ali garu and Sunil ji," she says.

The actress got luckier as her next film Usire Usire is in Kannada. The film stars Kichha Sudeep and Rajeev Hanu. "I play a Muslim girl, and the story is based on Hindu-Muslim love story.

The film has an undercurrent message about pure love," Srijita explains, adding that in her next film Irra Gurri, she plays a village belle. "The film is about the superstitions that a girl child is a curse, and all losses are borne by the family because of the birth of the girl child."

Srijita says that she’s lucky to be working in multiple industries at a very early stage of her career. "I feel blessed to be living my childhood dream and passion – being an actor – and I never thought of becoming anything else other than getting into showbiz. But not many will get to do that. And as actors we constantly look to reach out to a wider audience.

To be playing so many characters is what fascinates me as an actor," she reveals, adding that life as an actress is very exciting.

Born in West Bengal and settled in Mumbai, Srijita comes from a conservative middle-class family. "My parents too were apprehensive when I said that I want to make a career in films. So it was a bit tough to convince them, but later, they understood how passionate I am about films.

I was good at dramatics during academics and gave stage performances. All that experience came in handy to debut in films, shares the actress, who is also a trained bharatanatham dancer.