Kajal Aggarwal takes up knitting

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Actor Kajal Aggarwal talks about a therapeutic activity with her ma-in-law

Kajal Aggarwal

In these challenging times, with constant grim news fuelling a growing feeling of helplessness and anxiety, Kajal Aggarwal stresses the importance of staying focused. “The whole objective is to do something creative and productive that helps in spreading positivity while establishing a sense of usefulness,” the actress says. Her own ‘go-to’ stress-relieving activity is knitting.

Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal says she recently picked up the art of knitting from her mother-in-law.
“It’s a great and wonderful feeling to create something with your own hands. It helps me relax and helps with my mental well-being. I believe that the act of creating something for others is truly therapeutic,” says the actress.

Describing her mother-in-law Dheera Kitchlu as an amazing person, Kajal says, “I love knitting with her; together we knit, chat and talk about all the things that create a positive environment.”

Kajal’s mother-in-law knits blankets and sends them to orphanages. “That’s what you call ‘patches of love’,” the actress smiles. “I feel it is important that we do our bit for people during these times.”

The Khaidi No: 150 star shares that she has also picked up some colouring books. “I read a lot, cook, and work out; I go for a walk on my terrace too, apart from continuing with my meditation,” she says, adding, “I try to maintain discipline through mediation; it radiates positivity.”

And of course, spending time with her husband Gautam helps her unwind. Kajal describes Gautam as one of her biggest support systems. “Life after marriage has been great. We are trying to stay positive and spread positivity at this time when the pandemic is testing our resilience. We are all together in this fight against COVID-19 and hopefully, we shall beat this soon,” she signs off.