Fame is worthless if you are not healthy: Sonal Chauhan

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actress Sonal Chauhan, as she comments on the pressing times and life in lockdown

Sonal Chauhan

As the second wave of the pandemic is rattling the country, Sonal Chauhan, like others, is finding it tough to beat the pandemic blues. She goes on to add that whomever she speaks to — her friends or relatives — have been infected with the contagion and wonders if there’s even a single person in the country whose dear ones haven’t got infected with COVID-19.

“I think we had a lucky escape last year with minimum damage, and we thought the pandemic was over. But this second wave has shown how lethal it can be,” she expresses, adding that everyone she knows is literally sitting at home trying to save themselves from the disease.

Sonal Chauhan

Her biggest realisations were that no amount of money can help you to survive. She says, “I have understood that success and fame are worthless if you’re not healthy. But I am also aware that I have the luxury of maintaining social distancing, while there are people who cannot, so I can’t ask for more at this point. It is only a positive mind set and the will to survive that may save us.”

During the last lockdown, Sonal was with her sister. This time around, she has been by herself. “Honestly, I can’t imagine how life would have been without work. Thankfully, I’ve been reading Telugu and Hindi scripts coming my way, so I am engaged most of the time,” she says, revealing that she had also picked up sketching during the lockdown.

Sonal has also been trying her bit to help others. For one, she has been distributing food and other provisions to people in her vicinity. “I always believe that there’s enough food for everyone, but it’s just that we are not making effort to feed people around us. If we share what we have, I honestly don’t think anyone would starve,” shares the actress, signing off.