My grandmom introduced me to Goli Soda: Sudheer Babu

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Sudheer Babu shares interesting anecdotes about his upcoming Sridevi Soda Centre

Actor Sudheer Babu

With his drop-dead good looks, versatility, and of course successes, Sudheer Babu is considered a dependable box office draw. And the poster of his forthcoming film, Sridevi Soda Centre, was an instant hit.

Going by the motion poster, the film seems to be about an efficient light man in a village. But Sudheer says there’s much more than what meets the eye. “He is not a light-man for the sake of characterisation alone. His profession leads to some consequences in the story. I can’t wait to commence shooting for the rustic drama,” the actor says.

True to the title, the poster has yesteryear actress Sridevi’s photo on it. Is the film a tribute to the late actress, we ask. Sudheer laughs saying, “I’d love to hear all the assumptions surrounding that photo. I don’t want to spoil the suspense for now. But very soon, there will be a revelation.”

The Sammohanam star describes the Karuna Kumar directorial as ‘a world of human emotions.’ Elaborating, he says, “There’s love, power, battle for supremacy and there’s human ugliness. Every human emotion takes the story forward. I play the guy who is somehow connected to every emotion in the story.”

As a part of his preparation, the actor has been practicing Godavari slang. “I believe my role should sound natural, and my transformation has to be seamless. So, to make it more authentic, I am practising the Godavari accent, and that’s a challenge I am working on,” he explains.

While goli soda may be a thing of the past in the cities, the actor star shares his fond memories of the effervescent drink.

Apparently, it was his grandmother who introduced him to the once-popular beverage. “My grandmother used to have it every day after her meal. She told me that it helps in digestion,” he smiles.

“Initially, I struggled to drink it as the soda flows out only when you hold the bottle in a certain way. Later I got used to it, and also started liking it. Lemon soda was my favourite flavour back in those days,” he recalls.