Actors don’t have the luxury of WFH: Kavya Shetty

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actress Kavya Shetty has been on a signing spree post the pandemic

Kavya Shetty

The actress has been in Hyderabad for over a week, shooting for her Telugu film, Gurtunda Seethakalam, which is the remake of the Kannada super-hit film Love Mocktail. The actress also has her Malayalam debut waiting, titled Bro Daddy, which is directed by actor Prithviraj. While she’s tight-lipped about her role in the Malayalam debut, Kavya states that it was a great experience shooting for the Telugu film.

“I reprise the role of Jo from the original version,” shares Kavya, adding that she had fun shooting for the romantic drama in Hyderabad. “It’s a story showcasing the life of the protagonist across various phases. I enter his life during his college days.”

The multilingual approach

Although the actress has been to Hyderabad to shoot for several of her Kannada films, she says this is the first time she’s shooting in the city for a Telugu film. “I have many friends in Hyderabad, and so I understand Telugu a bit, and the language is also close to Kannada so I understand easily,” she says, adding that the film’s director Krishna is a Kannadiga.

After a day’s shift, having wrapped up her part of the shooting, she says the first thing that comes to her mind is the city’s character. “I like the city’s vibrancy; as I have several friends here, I’ve been to some of the best places in the city,” she shares.

Having been part of Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam industries, Kavya says that working in multiple industries is one the most interesting aspects because they will be introduced to a new audience. “While it always feels nice to get new roles in other industries it is also equally challenging to live up to the expectations and impress the audience in a different role,” says the Smile Please actress.

Blessed with shoots

It’s been nearly eight years since Kavya made her showbiz debut. However, the actress had done only 14 films, a number that she definitely wants to improve upon.

“Perhaps I should have done a lot more but again the project should excite me. But I have been working on it, and that’s why, post-COVID-19, I’ve been on a signing spree,” she adds.

“As actors, we don’t have the luxury of work from home (WFH), so we have to be on the sets. It’s a nerve-wracking experience sometimes. But since this pandemic is far from over so we all ensure we follow all the health protocols while shooting,” she says.

Kavya contracted the Virus before the second wave in April. she tells us, she recovered quickly, even as she comments that staying in quarantine for two weeks had been extremely challenging although she spent time talking to friends over the phone and watched a lot of films during her recovery.

“I just don’t want to go through or even recall that experience and I pray that no one else goes through those tough times.