Fitness model Akash Yaduvanshi gets acting break in Bollywood

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The fitness freak has been in fitness modelling for more than a couple of years now.

Akash Yaduvanshi.

Akash Yaduvanshi, the young fitness model, is about to mark his Bollywood debut as actor. The fitness freak has been in fitness modelling for more than a couple of years now.

Being a fitness freak ever since childhood, Akash always wanted to become an actor and show his expertise in this profession which he has learnt from acting school and watching some of the finest actors of all time.

"Being a fitness model, I have always been very punctual and strict  in terms of my diet and daily activities. This has made me have a great sense of discipline in life. I hope that this discipline will also reflect in my acting and people love me for that," he said.

"I always wanted to get into this glamorous world which is called Bollywood. I believe this is the best place to explore your inner talents and shape yourself into a better person with each passing day. Over the years, I have seen that the people working here face a lot of pressure but ultimately emerge as a better person," he added.

Gaining so much name and fame at such a young age was not easy and hasn’t happened overnight. He worked really hard on his fitness and has maintained this for life. He now has reached to a place where people around him look up to him to ensure dedication and hard work in their work.

Being a fitness model has helped him become a better person with the sense of responsibility. "Being in the profession of fitness modelling has made me a more responsible human being with what I spread. I always take care of the things which I am communicating to the people around me through my daily habits as this may have a huge impact on their life," he says.

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