Suhas Tejaskanda - Real hero of India; read deets

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He has a patent filing on “intelligent Toilet” and launched it under “completely touchless toilets”.

Suhas Tejaskanda.

We are sure you would have heard of smartwatches, smart TV and smartphones. But have you heard of smart /Intelligent toilets which are Completely touchless toilets and reduce the diseases from faecal matter and decrease the mortality rate? Meet the gentlemen scientist Suhas Tejaskanda who designed this Intelligent toilet. India incurs a loss of more than 600,000 people due to inadequate sanitation. He has a patent filing on “intelligent Toilet” and launched it under “completely touchless toilets”.

He says “ touching the faeces will spread a lot of bacteria and virus. Unfortunately many Indians even today use hands to clean their private area. Each gram of faeces contains about 10 million viruses,1 million bacteria and 1000 parasite systems. Now there is no need of using hands, our Intelligent toilets will do it. The heated seat functionality kills the bacteria and the system auto flushes and self cleans itself. I just want to add a bit to our PM’s swatch Bharath.”  Interestingly, software giant, Bill Gates is also working on the sanitation and hygiene sector.

Very few know that Suhas tried eight times to join the Indian army for the post of officer. He was rejected all the times by SSB interview board. So this Electronics and communication Engineer started to work on Unattended Battle Field surveillance systems and four-level security framework for our Indian Army. This system can be a lifesaver to many soldiers serving our border. His system detects the infiltrator and sends the information to the Base station using his new protocol called ”Suhas Protocol”(Patent filed and confidential).

He is the first person in India to make Niyantra programmable board (an Indian programmable board) and hold intellectual property rights under Semi-Conductors and Integrated circuits(Patent Pending).  He is now the founder and CEO of SUTE technologies Pvt Ltd and Comfytronics Pvt Ltd. From toilets to military equipment he is somehow trying to serve the country in a bigger scale. He has shown in interest in joining the politics soon.