Riding the mind wave

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A comedy play that will take the audiences into an inner world comprising ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’.

Director Taher Ali Baig with his lead actors Preksha, Varun, Sakshi, Snigdha and Neha

Ever thought how amazing (and nerve-racking) it would be if you got to know what another person was thinking about you? Look no further, because that’s exactly what Thinking Aloud, written by Clive Reed and directed by city-based Taher Ali Baig, reveals to the audience.

Along with his group of talented actors, Taher, who is famous for his supernatural Broadway-styled plays, has been trying to give the city’s theatre-loving audience a glimpse of such niche plays for years now. “There is no doubt that Hyderabad is evolving as a great place for theatre but to create a Broadway-style play, groups will need sponsors. We are lucky to get continuous support from the city in every way possible,” says Taher. Talking about the mind-boggling play, he adds, “It revolves around a scientist who creates a robot which can read everyone’s mind. As the play reaches its culmination, the audience gets to see the good, the bad and the ugly sides of all the characters and how each one gets affected by the revelations.” Sakshi, the lead actress and the scientist’s prying neighbour in the story, shares her experience about working with Taher and the team. “Earlier, whenever I worked with Taher, he casted me as a docile wife but with this play, I got an image makeover and got to play a sultry character,” she says. Professionally, Sakshi runs an event management company but her true passion lies in acting on stage. Sharing a similar passion for theatre are her co-actors Varun and Snigdha. “Around the year, we all work with different theatre groups as actors; but when we get a call from Taher for a role, we don’t even think twice before giving it a nod. Working with him is a different ball game — we have become a big happy family after rehearsing for 40 days,” says Snigdha, a known face in the city’s theatre circuit since three years now.