Here's how a side hustle turned million-dollar venture for Ryan Sprance!

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It took a lot of hard work, but by building a side hustle from the ground up.

Ryan Sprance

Authenticity is a buzzword in today's digital world, but for a lot of successful influencers, it's the truth. It is how they build huge followers network on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Any successful social media influencer will tell you, you cannot succeed without engagement, and you only get engagement by being real. It's about creating valuable content people follow and enjoy. Digital audiences look for content that brings genuine value to their lives, and social media influencer Ryan Sprance has worked hard over the past few years to deliver.

A true expert in every sense of the word Ryan is a Forbes contributor and has also signed on as an associate producer for the new Amazon Prime series "The Social Movement" airing in 2020. His work ethic is unmatched earning him attention from digital media guru Gary Vaynerchuk and Foundr Magazine.
Born in New York, Ryan Sprance is the curator behind The Stylish Man, the largest Flipboard magazine with over 52 million views to date. Not only does he run a popular digital magazine, but he is also the founder of Kaihatsu Media, a premier digital marketing agency. Though Ryan is considered a digital mogul now, this wasn't always the case. He built his million-dollar media empire from a side hustle he kept while managing NYC's Grand Central Station Apple Store.
While working at Apple, Ryan discovered his passion for social media and saw the immense potential in Flipboard. In his quest to curate engaging content through Flipboard, Ryan quickly rose to influencer status once broadening his reach through Instagram. With a rapidly expanding digital presence of his own Ryan began advising others and opened his digital marketing agency taking on his first client in 2016. By 2018 Kaihatsu Media became a full-stack agency. It took a lot of hard work, but by building a side hustle from the ground up, Ryan understood just how powerful social media is.

It was also quite humbling. Ryan explains, "In 2018 I was fired from my corporate job when they learned I had a side hustle. I was 44. That was when I realized that if I want to build the next GQ in the digital world, I needed to commit to altering my lifestyle dramatically."
In 2019 Ryan has partnered with another agency to build Awestruck. Focused on data harvesting and search Awestruck is focused on travel, tourism, and entertainment. With a projected $1 million in business for 2019, Ryan's companies employ people in the U.S., India and the Philippines.
Ryan stands out in the industry because while social media is critical, you cannot build a viable business at the mercy of a platform's algorithm changes or monetization strategies. His best advice is to "engage with everyone but be authentic." An expert and an influencer, Ryan's command of the digital world is quite literally second to none.