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Deccan Chronicle.  | Ruth Prarthana

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Director Rajesh PI’s Navarasa, which will explore diverse human emotions, will be showcased on October 12 in the city at Lahe Lahe.

A still from one of their previous performances.

Emotions like love, disgust, anger, peace, courage etc are sentiments that are a part of our daily lives.

These are also expressions that help out a theatre artiste. Rajesh. PI’s show Navarasa attempts to explore these emotions individually using a number of components. Taking to him, we find put more...

Rajesh who is the director of this production promises that the this performance will be a powerful and roller coaster experience. The show will take place on October 12 at Lahe Lahe.

Taking about the idea behind the concept of this play, “Navarasa is an ancient Indian text which focuses on nine different emotions — love, compassion, anger, courage, disgust, terror. peace and wonder. These are the basis of acting too. But, they also play a very critical role in our lives too. We wanted to explore and create a theatre piece using these emotions,” he says adding that the show uses movement, song, dance and poetry to convey its message. Divided into nine segments, each has a different story to tell.

Rajesh says, “For two segments, I have relied on inspirations from The Mahabharata and for the segment that showcases terror, its done entirely using movement.”

Talking about the inception of the production, “I wanted to celebrate my 46th with a play.  While doing an impromptu performance with some of the actors, I saw the phenomenal talent each of them had. The entire process of coming up with the play took about 25 days,” he shares adding that he has seen the audience break down at some of their previous shows. The main USP of the show is the fact that rather than depending on sets, lights and props, the play focuses on emotions and movements.

Anushul Jhambani who will acting in few segments, says, “We are depicting how these range of emotions can impact our lives and those around us too. The segment that I act in focuses on Bhibatsya (digust). I can relate most to this character as it teaches you to come to terms with the disgusting parts within you.”

Felix Hartley has not only done the music for the production but also acted in a few segments. Talking about the music, he says, “The unique part of this piece is the fact that most of it has been improvised on stage and only the transitional pieces were rehearsed beforehand.”