Karan V Grover talks about supporting his wife after marriage

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It looks like Karan Grover doesn’t seem to agree with his on-screen family.

Karan V Grover.

Mumbai: Actor Karan V Grover, who is currently seen in Star Plus’ show - Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, talks about how women should be strong, independent and how men do not have the right to put a stop to their dreams.

Karan Grover’s character as Dr Rohit Sippy is being very well received by the audience and his chemistry with Dipika Kakkar (Sonakshi) is making them one of the most loved couples of the television industry. As per the current track of the show, Sonakshi and Rohit are preparing for their marriage but they do not know what’s in store for them in the coming days. We hear that the Sippy family will go against Sonakshi and express their wish for her to stop working after marriage.

Gone are those days where women are made to quit their jobs and look after the family. Sharing these thoughts on this sensitive topic, Karan says, “ Firstly, no one has the right to limit or restrict anyone's ambitions or dreams. Personally, I would never want to be the one who has ever been the reason for someone not pursuing what they feel like doing. As men/partners, the least we can do is be supportive of our better halves. I believe the wives/girlfriends and other women in my life are more than equipped to handle their own lives.”

Wow, it looks like Karan Grover doesn’t seem to agree with his on-screen family. But what will Rohit Sippy do on the show?