Old wine in a new bottle

Deccan Chronicle.  | Shashiprasad SM

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While it may appear that the plot is moving forward, in reality they are stuck in the loop forever.

A still from Yaare Nee Mohini

There are different kind of genres when it comes to movies. Some simply follow the readymade formula in cases of making quick commercial entertainers. A hero, heroine with a supporting cast including a prominent  villain, a few fights and some racy songs , is all it takes to hit the screen. If times permits add some story plus an item number and the movie is ready. Well, as far as the television soaps, which primarily cater to the female audience are concerned, it is the latter who decide the fate of private TV soaps.  While it may appear that the plot is moving forward, in reality they are stuck in the loop forever. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on what keeps them from moving ahead.

“There have been hundreds of popular tele-serials in Kannada ever since the days of regional Doordarshan channel — Chandana and the private ones made their way into the industry. However, there has been none like Puttagowri Maduve, which apart from being one of the popular sagas, has been ruthlessly trolled for its episodes getting stretched for months and years. The character of Puttagowri has survived despite various attempts on her life and she has escaped it miraculously. Not just that, Puttagowri was pregnant for the record time. I guess the character was depicted as pregnant, probably for the longest time in the history of television. Thankfully, the serial has finally witnessed a change with a different plot altogether running at present,” says screenwriter Sharan, who adds that in Yaare Nee Mohini, it is the never ending wedding saga.

Producer Jagannath, shares that as long television audience enjoys a certain plot, they will never really move forward. “In Yare Nee Mohini, which revolves around four main characters including a ghost, it is the wedding which is a never ending issue. At least half a dozen times, the villain has managed to get the protagonist  to agree to marry her but on the day of the wedding, it simply does not happen. So, was the case in Agnisakshi serial which is finally moving away from its plot over the marriage of protagonist’s sister. In Radha Ramana the sister’s role is still a mystery for the rest of the family,” he adds.

What makes the makers run around in circles for months and years, is better explained by the director Santosh. He says, “Unlike movies which will have a definite script with a beginning and an end with a time limit, serials do not have any such restrictions. It is all about serving the audience on a need basis. If TRPs are on the high during a particular plot, they tend to cash in on it and try to create a never ending drama around it to make the audience feel desperately for it. Despite cursing this scenario, the audience continues to watch the drama,” he wraps up.