Do it like Diandra

Deccan Chronicle.  | Kaavya Pillai

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The renowned model talks to us about her projects post her appearance in the Bigg Boss house and her recent visit to Chennai.

Diandra Soares

Diandra Soares is not an unfamiliar face to namma ooru. One of the most well-known models in the country, she achieved instant stardom after her successful stint on the reality show Bigg Boss. Her style statements were closely followed by fans and she decided to take that and turn that into her web-series Do It Like Diandra, that encompasses everything to do with her looks; inside and outside the house.

She tells us about her recent visit to Chennai — “I made an appearance at a restropub in the city to be able to meet all my Bigg Boss fans. We had fun contests for the best-dressed people and gave out gifts to winners. It was lovely meeting my fans here because I’ve always loved the city. My co-host Karun Raman and I have been friends for several years now. and I used to visit frequently when I still did shows. The people here are incredibly sweet and I absolutely adore the food. But now, my fans from other cities are complaining and want me to pay them a visit as well!”

Talking about her latest venture, she says, “Do It Like Diandra is a series in which I talk about everything to do with my style — be it makeup, hair or accessories. These are the things I am known for and I’ve done styling and makeup in the past. Lots of people believed that there were makeup artists for us in the Bigg Boss house, but we did it all ourselves. Many asked me about the shade of lipstick I was wearing in a certain episode or how I do my contouring — and the show addresses all of them. It’s very informal and unscripted, so I get to talk about getting ready when you have a hangover or when your skin is in bad condition.”

She also believes that her sense of style can’t be described because it’s mood -dependent — “I could wear a simple racer-back top with shorts one day and shift to a complete glam look or an Indian look the next. The only thing that is constant is that my style will always be out-of-the-box.”

So what’s next for Diandra? “I have a new web series called Love, Life and Screw-ups alongside Zeenat Aman, Dolly Thakore and Sushant Divgikar coming out soon. Besides that, my first Bollywood movie X-Zone is slated to release soon too.” Looks like she has her hands full for now, alright!