Queen of sequels

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The Bengali beauty is looking forward to a release with superstar Kiccha Sudeep.

Shraddha Das

With more than 30 features films including a few short ventures to her credit in several languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada and Telugu, this Bengali bombshell has certainly worked her way up, carving a niche for herself in the industry.  Next up is a film with Kiccha Sudeep, that she is awaiting in anticipation. Actress Shraddha Das, who is fondly referred to as the “Queen of Sequels,” for having starred in several hit sequels across different languages, is these days touring the US. She is not there for a shoot of a movie, but surprisingly as part of the musical tour of Telugu rockstar composer Devi Sri Prasad who is enthralling US audiences with his magical performances in six different cities. 

Shraddha is one of the main singers performing live on stage for the ongoing concerts. The actress who’s sequel project starring alongside Kiccha Sudeep for Kotigobba 3 will be out soon, speaks exclusively with Bengaluru Chronicle from the US, as she heads to Dallas for a weekend concert, about her surprise singing act, her Kannada film and much more.

The Kannada film starring alongside Kiccha Sudeep, Kotigobba 3, Shraddha reveals, “Is my big break in Kannada, and yet again a sequel! I am happy with my role as I play an Interpol officer in the film. The entire movie revolves around it, and playing it was a great experience too. Moreover, it was a great learning to watch Kiccha Sudeep Sir performing. He is a professional to the core, and he does it with style. He is such a humble human being considering the legend he is.”

With back-to-back performances across the US, Shraddha shares, “We are in the middle of a 45-day tour, wherein we are performing in six major cities in the US, on weekends. The response has been tremendous. In fact, I had sung for a Telugu movie composed by Devi Sri Prasad, and thereafter I had completely lost touch. When he approached me for the tour, it was a surprise for me, and for the audience who are experiencing it too,” says Shraddha Das.

She reveals that it was singing that commenced her journey onto reel life. “My entire family sings, and it was natural for me too, especially since I come from an artistic Bengali family. In fact, I started off with a passion to pursue a career in singing, and was even on the verge of recording my own musical album, but it was veteran Bollywood actor Dev Anand Sir who spotted me, and then my career took a surprisingly turn,” she adds.

She had signed a film which was being made by Dev Anand, but unfortunately it did not release, as the veteran actor and filmmaker passed away.

About her ongoing tour, she excitedly says, “I had met Devi Sri at an awards function. During our brief conversation, which incidentally happened in front of a rest room, he asked me to sing a few lines! He was impressed with my singing, which paved the way to my playback singing debut in Telugu which featured Charmi on screen. Thereafter, I got busy with movies. This (the US tour) was a surprise, and I am enjoying every bit of it, though touring 45 days at a stretch is taking a toll on me. But, it’s all worth it, when I see the amazing response of the audience,” she adds.

Practising and rehearsing for hours on end for someone who is not used to the strenuous schedules, she laughs, “If somebody wakes me up and asks me sing, I can do it without looking at the notes! Even the audience is surprised, considering that I do not know the language.” 

Das also has a short film in both English and Hindi in the pipeline.