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The actress will be essaying the role of an IPS officer in her next Kannada film. Samyukta speaks from the heart about what she loves.

Samyukta Hornad

After Aa Dinagalu, it was Lifeu Ishtene for this multi-talented actress who comes from a family with several artistic personalities, including her mother, Sudha Belawadi, who is a popular actor in Kannada films and television. A painter, actor, pet lover and a hardcore romantic by heart, Samyukta Hornad is going through an interesting phase in her acting career with diverse shades of roles to play on the big screen. She has Arishadvarga, MMCH, a yet to be titled Telugu project and Mysore Masala, her latest wherein she plays an IPS officer in her kitty. Sanyukta speaks about those ‘desirous’ roles, her special bond with her mother, her undying love for her pets and how she is doing her bit in her own way to encourage her surroundings to protect and spread love for the animals. 

She is in search for that “perfect” man to fall in love and say yes to matrimony too! She shares all, with Bengaluru Chronicle.

“I just finished shooting for the film Arishadvarga which according to Hindu theology means six passions of minds or enemies of desire. I play an aspiring actress with six main characters in the film. It has an interesting script which talks about a certain event through six different dimensions. I will soon play a cop too,” says Samyukta Hornad.

She recalls, “It is funny to witness how my characters in the film has come full circle. I have played an advocate, then a villain and later getting behind bars for a criminal act. Soon, I will fulfill my desire to play a police officer in Mysore Masala. In fact, a year ago, I had wished to play a police officer, as I hold them in high regard for their selfless and brave acts in real life. Now, I guess I would wish to play the character of a judge. It may even come true in the near future,” says the actress.

That apart, the dog lover also has one more interesting film lined up which involves her favourite animal. She will be playing the role of a protagonist in the film Nanu Matte Gunda. “In Nanu Matte Gunda, the story revolves around a dog, and it was great to play a supporting role to a dog! Whereas, in MMCH, I enjoyed most of the limelight and its brave outlook. I even had the opportunity to beat up a boy, which I think I would never get to do in real life. I had to learn a bit of karate and kickboxing too,” she shares.

In the uniquely titled movie Mysuru Masala, she shares the screen with the legendary Anantnag amongst others, and it is being directed by the US-returned Ajay Sarpeshkar.

On her special bond with her mother, Sudha Belawadi, she reveals that despite being an actress, her mother is a complete non-industry person. “I rarely allow her to accompany me for shoots. She is someone who is completely opposite, and doesn’t even like make-up. Though we both have acted together in films, she has rarely played my mother, and mostly acted as my mother-in-law or as a boss, etc. It’s funny that when I have to cry in front of the camera while acting alongside her, she would cry too. She says she cannot see me crying,” she quips.

The actress is an activist at heart, and has been involved in several organisations including PETA, spreading the message of animal compassion. She adds, “Apart from acting, animals especially dogs make me happy. I am forever in love with acting, dogs and all the characters from my favourite books. As an actor, we all get a lot of attention, and all I do is channelise it through social media and other platforms to create awareness and make them realise their true worth.”

She is an artiste (painter) too. The energetic girl signs off saying that as far as marriage is concerned, she is a hardcore romantic. “I am yet to find a man who I desire, and the moment I trace him, I will do my best to have him in my life and say yes to him.”