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Sandalwood actress Sukrutha Wagle talks about her debut in Telugu cinema and life so far in this interview.

Sukrutha Wagle

She started off with a powerful role in Jatta, for which she earned immense critical appreciation which was followed with multiple such projects wherein she was seen only in negative shades. Actress Sukrutha Wagle, who hails from the beautiful coastal parts of the state, living in Manipal had to reject a handful of Kannada films after she started to get typecast in a particular role. While she decided to take a break from being baddie, she stumbled upon a romantic tale in Telugu. All thanks to social media, she says. The actress who makes her debut in Tollywoood with Rama Chakkani Sita, a romantic-comedy and has further signed another yet to be titled film, talks about first ever movie wherein she will be finally seen in a glamorous avatar speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle, as she hopes that it will pave the way for more such roles back in Kannada too, and more.

“As an artiste, it feels great when one’s hardwork is appreciated and the audience recognises our efforts through the characters which we portray. It is natural for similar such roles to being offered to us but it would be foolish to take up these offers as it will become monotonous and there is no  challenge involved. It was the same case with me and I was done playing a baddie, all in deglam avatars. I had been getting calls from the Telugu industry for some time now but luckily, I stumbled upon the right one at the right time,” says Sukrutha Wagle.

Sukrutha adds that she came to know about the audition for Rama Chaakkani Sita through  the social media. “I later learnt that it was being made by one of my relatives. However, I did attend the audition and got through it. The timing is right too, as it is a known fact that Tollywood was usually driven by star actors but now things have changed with a lot of newcomers with good and experimental performances are getting recognised with a good support system,” she explains.

While she plays the girl next door, Sukrutha reveals that her character has more meat in it with scope for a good performance. “Even while working in Kannada cinema, I was always away from home which is why I do not feel alienated about working for a new industry. Yes, it is different in terms of professionalism and the way artistes get treated. About the language, I speak both Tamil and Telugu but my voice is being dubbed as the makers feel that it sounds childish. But with regard to my acting, I will prepare well before giving the final takes,” she adds.

Apart from work, staying fit is her utmost priority for which Sukrutha walks at least 10 kms along while practicing yoga on a daily basis. Her next Telugu film is also going to be a rom-com and she just cannot be happier as she will be finally seen in a glamorous role. “My debut in Telugu cinema will be my first ever movie in which I have had the opportunity to use make-up and other glamorous accessories which I dearly missed while playing a baddie with rough and tough looks,” Sukrutha says.

She goes on to add that she hopes for similar such projects following the release of her film in the coming months. While Sukrutha is accompanied by her mother to work, she says  that it is her pet dogs she misses the most back at home.