Trolling the trolls

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Social media trolls have made a habit of insulting celebs from behind the virtual veils.

Shubra Aiyappa

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums. But the access it gives miscreants to indulge in trolling, attacking and threatening a person, usually celebrities, has been a liability. The latest celeb to face the consequences of trolling was model-turned-actress Shubra Aiyappa, who’d shot to fame with the hit number No Problem in Vajrakaya. The cause of the trolling? She’d posted her vacation photos on her social media accounts.

Social media trolls have made a habit of insulting celebs from behind the virtual veils. This once, actress Shubra Aiyappa decided to show them who is boss instead.

Boundary matters
No sooner had Shubra posted her pictures in bikini on a social media platform, than a flock of trolls began posting messages calling her uncultured. Then they morphed some obscene images and shared them on social media.

But the spunky actress decided to not take it lying down. She posted on her social media page about what she thought of such people. “Yes, I am an actress. Yes, I am a model. Yes, I have chosen to be in the public eye. But I am not public property. I’m not sure what hurts me more. Whether it’s the knowledge of my personal space being invaded upon or the realisation that some people can be so heartless, and I have the misfortune of breathing the same air as them. It’s no contest really,” read part of her message.

Following her post, she says the cyber police approached her to take action against those misused her photographs.

“I will be lying if I said it didn’t or doesn’t affect me. It does. Because I am a person who understands that my job and my profession comes with its share of detriments, responsibilities and obligations, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t come in the way of my fundamental rights to freedom of expression and choice as a woman,” she said.