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The best of bowlers couldn’t move him, yet Rahul Dravid was moved by 'Shivaji Suratkal'

Yes, that’s Rahul Dravid in seat E6.

Bengaluru: The production team of the Kannada movie Shivaji Suratkal were beside themselves with joy when a very distinguished personality arrived to watch a special screening.

The most composed batsman ever, Rahul Dravid watched the Ramesh Arvind starrer at the Malleshwaram SRV theatre and moved to compliment the team, calling the film “wonderful”.

Not an easy man to move, Rahul ‘The Wall’ Dravid went on to say he was touched by the climax.

Ramesh Arvind, a multi-lingual actor, plays the role of an investigative officer in the movie, which was directed by Akash Srivatsa.

Shivaji Suratkal is scheduled to be released on Feb 21.