Man with a plan

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Upendra is visibly excited about the launch of his latest venture titled Kabza.

Rachita and Uppi in a scene from I Love You

Actor, director, writer and the founder of the unique political party — Uttama Prajakeeya Party — Upendra is a man with a mission.  The proud Kannada filmmaker speaks about his latest projects and plans for his birthday today, which he refers to as ‘Abhimanigala Dina’ or ‘Fans Day’!

Celebrities were often criticised in the past for their lavish birthday celebrations, especially film personalities whose die-hard fans would gather in huge numbers to wish their favourite actors in their own crazy style. However, after many such star actors started to openly request their fans to not indulge in unnecessary spending of their hard-earned money but rather to put it to use for a good cause, things have changed for the better. Upendra has been one of the first to do so, and this year, the actor-director has given his fans a green call. Upendra reiterates his request, “I wish that all my fans do not bring me any cakes, garlands, bouquets or any other gifts on September 18, which I call ‘Abhimanigala Dina’; a day I dedicate to my dear fans. If at all you insist on presenting me something, do get me saplings. I assure that I will take care of these saplings.” Husband to the pretty Priyanka and father to two little ones — Aishwarya and Ayush — Upendra demonstrates his tender, protective side when he speaks of saving the planet for future generations.

Talking about the other subject that he has a deep interest in, which is the duties of a citizen and that of a candidate who represents the voters in a democratic set up, he shares that everyone has to believe they are not just ordinary citizens but extraordinary ones, who are aware of how the governments are functioning with their money, which they contribute through direct and indirect taxes. “We do not need leaders or servants, but, instead, we need employee representatives who work for salaries. We (the citizens) need a break from the dirty politics of money, caste, religion, false assurances, paid campaigns and so on. Every voter should think before voting and choose a candidate who works for a clean and disciplined government,” Upendra adds.

Insofar as the latest star war which has erupted with the Pailwaan movie having said to have been pirated, Upendra, who celebrated the 100 days of his film I Love You film in the presence of all the fans associations of Kannada actors, said that such a war is necessary but should be within limits. “It should lead to making good and quality films. I honestly feel that when a good film is made, fans of all the actors appreciate it and watch it in theatres. In fact, the Upendra film was liked by all,” Upendra asserts.

Meanwhile, he isn’t resting on his laurels. Upendra is visibly excited about the launch of his latest venture titled Kabza. Another one with R Chandru, the film is set in the 80s underworld. Bearing a retro feel, the first look of Kabza has raised huge expectations in addition to the film being made in seven languages — Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali and Marathi.