Voice over nayakas

Deccan Chronicle.  | Shashiprasad SM

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Popular Sandalwood stars are dubbing for fictitious characters in a bid to attract a larger audience to the cinema halls.

Century Star Shivarajkumar

It’s a known fact that super stars propel the film industry. And it is not just their physical presence in a movie venture that creates hullabaloo but also their ‘voice’ which makes a difference. Sounds filmy? It is indeed! In a trend that is seeing many star takers, film makers are using a star actor’s voice to attract a larger audience to the theatre. Taking a cue from the trend of star voice-overs in animated movies in Hollywood, the trend in Indian cinema is not so much animated movie voice-overs as such movies are not popular as yet, but to add an element of starriness.

Apart from dubbing for themselves in movies, star actors have now been seen performing voice-overs on demand. Recently Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar lent his voice to a fictitious character of a bus, which introduces the plot as well as other characters. Kiccha Sudeep is also doing the same for Darshan in Sangolli Rayanna, and star actor Darshan is doing a voice over for a movie starring Golden Star Ganesh —Buguri. And the list keeps growing bigger and bigger. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on such voice-overs and their starry connect.

“A few years ago, Real Star Upendra lent his voice to a ‘cycle’ in the film Maryade Ramanna which was a remake of the Telugu film by Raja Mouli. Komal plays the lead of an innocent man who owns the cycle. It was the right blend of comedy with Upendra living the character of a cycle. The audience simple loved it and children enjoyed it. Even Upendra expressed his joy after lending his voice to it. But it not only gave an additional star value to the movie, it was a different experience for the audience as well as for the fans of Upendra,” says Santosh, a director.

While most such exercises are to add star attraction to a film, and boost its chances for success, some are taken up as a token of friendship and respect for one another in the industry.

For instance, it was a huge treat for fans of star actors Challenging Star Darshan and Kiccha Sudeep when Sudeep lent his voice for the introduction of Sangolli Rayanna. It became a huge hit, and further cemented their friendship. 

Producer Anand feels such gestures in the film industry keeps the competition healthy and united. “Working for each other’s success is the best way forward. However, new filmmakers do make an effort to seek a star actor for voice-overs, and most of the time even the star actor accepts this in an attempt to encourage new talent.”

A big fan of Century Star Shivarajkumar, Yash lent his voice to Bangara S/o Bangarada Manushya. “It was such a pleasure, and being such a great fan of Shivanna, I love his movies, his energy and dedication towards work. It was a moment of happiness that I could be a part of the Shivanna film,” Yash said.
Even Shivanna, has been one of the most frequent faces to support newcomers and colleagues. He recently dubbed for the film Srivallli directed by Dr Vijayendra Prasad.