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Over the years, Sindhu’s approach towards cinema or accepting a story has evolved.

Sindhu Loknath

Kodava beauty Sindhu Loknath is perhaps as choosy about her life partner as she is about her roles. But the talented woman knows exactly what is good for her, unlike the character she will be essaying in her upcoming film! Talking about Krishna Talkies, in which she stars opposite Ajai Rao, Sindhu says, “The movie is a suspense thriller and I play the role of a village belle who’s very innocent — it’s all about the things that happen with the usage of the Internet and how people get conned online. I usually choose scripts which I haven’t done before, but the story also matters. I found the story really interesting and I picked it as I haven’t done the suspense genre before.” Sindhu also has another movie up for release — Kaanadhanthe Maayavadhanu, which belongs to the fantasy genre. “My character falls in love with a ghost in the movie. My role is similar to that of Vidya Balan’s (who does a lot of social work)  in Lage Raho Munnabhai. My co-star is Vikas and the entire team is Yograj Bhat’s team. It’s nice to work with them as I’ve known them for ten years now.”

This gorgeous lass has completed a decade in the film industry. Over the years, she’s always picked roles that she’s comfortable in, rather than succumbing to the crowd-pleasing ones that some agree to do for fame or money. In this refreshing chat, the actress who’s just signed Krishna Talkies, gets candid with us about her cinematic journey.

Over the years, Sindhu’s approach towards cinema or accepting a story has evolved. “As an actor, people say I’ve improved a lot. I also don’t like to repeat the same kind of role or character. But I really don’t think I’ve received the recognition I deserve. I feel I’m invisible most of the time,” says the actress, who hasn’t done the typical commercial films. “These are films where we are paired opposite big stars and the heroines have nothing to do apart from dance in a few songs - they won’t even appear on the posters. My choices are movies where I have a substantial role and scope to perform. Since my films are not commercial, I feel like I exist and yet, I’m non-existent!” So, will she ever do a mass film to increase her popularity? “No, I don’t want to do it as I won’t feel happy about it. At the end of the day, I need to be happy with my work and my choices shouldn’t be for others,” she avers.

Sindhu admits that she wants to do a sports biopic before she becomes non-existent! “Ever since I entered the film industry, and I watched the stories of Mary Kom, etc, I wanted to do a biopic on a sportsperson like PT Usha. I am an athlete myself and I wanted to take up sport professionally. But because of the choices I made in education, I couldn’t concentrate on sport,” relates the actor, who’s done her MSc in Biotechnology. “I did it for my parents who wanted me to be a post graduate,” she laughs.

When she’s not shooting, the wander-luster loves to pack her bags and travel to various destinations, with Bandipur being her favourite getaway spot. “I go there often, as it’s close by and I can even drive down. I’ve also travelled to the Himalayas, Sikkim and Kanchenjunga, where I’ve trekked. I’m a very active person, I cannot sit back and read a book. I’m very restless and need to keep moving,” Sindhu signs off.