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What to Watch' for the week ending Jan. 30


Published on: January 27, 2023 | Updated on: January 27, 2023

A new episode of the creator by Jan Ho-gi's Physical:100  drops this Tuesday in a show where the physical strength of 100 participants is put to test.Netflix

Just the other day the new year started and now we are in the last week of the first month. The month so far has not produced any major fireworks despite original films and series landing on the streamers. Let’s see what the last week of the month has in store for us.


A new episode of the creator by Jan Ho-gi’s ‘Physical:100 ‘ drops this Tuesday in a show where the physical strength of 100 participants is put to test.

Only Bollywood can’t be held guilty of remakes. Netflix’s next offering is an Italian remake of a French movie dubbed in English. ‘The Price of Family’ is a comedy movie telling us the story of family ties and a sudden massive inheritance. It starts streaming on Wednesday.

On Thursday, a Malaysian movie ‘Air Force The movie: Danger Close’ comes to greet viewers. It’s a story of a few fighter pilots caught by local militants.

After three releases on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Netflix will have as many releases on Friday. The first one is ‘The Snow Girl’, a series. Amaya has gone missing and the message is someone has to keep looking for her in this English-dubbed version of the Spanish suspense series.

In ‘Lockwood & Co.’ three teens band together as paranormal investigators to unravel what Netflix describes as a "diabolical conspiracy." The series starts streaming on Friday.

Two different worlds collide in the comedy movie ‘You People’ starring Eddie Murphy. Just within a week of its release in select theatres, ‘You People’ comes to a streamer.

On Saturday, releases ‘The Invitation’, a horror movie directed by Jessica Thompson. Starring Nathalie Emmanuel, the movie is about dark family secrets unraveled during a wedding.

Disney+ Hotstar

Besides a few new shows, Disney+Hotstar mainly will be streaming fresh episodes of ongoing series. ‘Dear Ishq’ starts streaming on January 26, Republic Day. According to the teaser, the series seems to be a love story wherein opposites attract. The main characters are a writer and an employee of a publishing house.

Superpowers meet romcom in another fresh series on the platform. ‘Extraordinary’ will start streaming on January 25.

Besides this, new episodes of ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Gannibal’, ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’, ‘Will Trent’, ‘9-11: Lone Star’,  and ‘Tokyo Revengers’ will be aired throughout the week.


On Republic Day, January 26, ‘Ayali’ comes to meet the viewers. It’s the story of a young girl who fights centuries-old customs in her village to realize her dream of becoming a doctor.


Starting from January 23, SonyLiv brings a crime drama called ‘Accused’. Each week, one episode will be released.


‘18 Pages’, written by Sukumar, who had directed ‘Pushpa’ and helmed by Palnati Surya Pratap, narrates a romantic story with a hint of mystery in which two characters fall in love without having met. The film brings together Nikhil Siddhartha and Anupama Parameswaran. The movie will be streamed on January 27.

Similarly, on the same day, eight episodes of the 10-episode series ‘Comedy Stock Exchange’ will be released.

Lionsgate Play

‘Leopard Skin’ has dropped first season of its mystery series which also boasts of poolside shots and view of crashing waves.


1.      Physical:100

2.      The Price of Family

3.      Air Force: Danger Close

4.      The Snow Girl

5.      Lockwood and Co.  

6.      You People  

7.      The Invitation (Jan 28)

Disney+ Hotstar

1.      The Last of Us Season 1, Episodes 2 and 3

2.      Big Bet Season 1, Episode 8

3.      Extraordinary Season 1 Episodes 1-8

4.      Gannibal Season 1, Episode 6

5.      Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 5

6.      National Treasure: Edge of History: Season 1, Episode 8

7.      Will Trent Season 1, Episode 5

8.      9-11: Lone Star, Season 4, Episode 1

9.      Dear Ishq Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4

10.   Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Episode 4


1.      Ayali


1.      Accused


1.      18 Pages

2.      Comedy Stock Exchange

Lionsgate Play

1.      Leopard Skin