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BTS First K Pop Band to Achieve This Feat


Published on: May 19, 2023 | Updated on: May 19, 2023

In this file photo taken on January 15, 2019, South Korean boy band BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, pose on the red carpet at the 28th Seoul Music Awards in Seoul. (AFP)

Hyderabad: K Pop popular band BTS achieved another feather in its cap by winning the diamond certification award from Melon, one of the live streaming platform in South Korea. Melon has different levels of certification in the ‘Hall of Melon’. Depending on the streams an artist secures on the platform, they are categorized into diamond, gold, silver and bronze. BTS surpassed the 10 million streams and being the first to do so, it received the diamond certification.

Melon, through their official Twitter handle, made the announcement about the achievement and also declared that it would send the trophy to the members.
The BTS Army, spread across the world, reflected the success of the group on social media. For many fans across the world, BTS is the standard in the K Pop and they showcased the band’s continuing influence on youngsters and music lovers through various tweets and heart-warming emojis. They praised their favourite singers for being the first and only to have won the achievement on Melon.

Now, BTS has 12 billion cumulative streams and this speaks volumes about the band’s unrivalled performances that can attract fans in huge numbers. Since the debut of the band in 2013, the group of pop singers showcased their exemplary talent in every album, which kept evolving with time.